HELP!!! my wireless doesn't work at all!!

i have a problem with my wireless network i'll specify all the things i've done, so if somebody can please tell me what i have done wrong i would appreciate it

this is what i have - a PC with a normal (wire) ethernet card, and i've just installed also a wireless ethernet card (Level One WNC-0301 PCI

802.11g/b) - it's a wireless card with an antenna. i also have a laptop with a wireless network card. i installed both on the PC and the laptop the latest drivers. the windows firewall is off (on both the PC and the laptop) and my sygate personal firewall is set to give free access to all network cards. (the laptop has no other firewall) i followed the windows wizard to set the connection (using the USB drive, i installed the network, and there were no problems during the installation) and now both the PC and the laptop has the same profile on the Preffered networks. both the PC and the laptop detect OTHER wireless connections. but i they won't detect each other, like i have to create a server or something so it will detect it. the icon of the utility of the wireless card in my pc shows no connections also one of the leds on the PC's wireless card is blinking and according to the manual it says there's a data transfer (??). the Windows Zero config is set to automatic and running on both computers.

there's a setup option in that utility of the pc wireless card, (to set ad-hoc or infrastructure) but i can't go on with that setup because it asks me to choose a network from the ones it finds, and my laptop is not listed there.

sorry in advance if somebody already asked this question, but i searched everywhere and i haven't found anything and i'm spending all day on this thing. anybody can help me out?


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I presume both wireless cards have their own configuration utility.

Did you know that you can not run both utilities at the same time? I would disable Windows Zero config and run the utilities from the card manufactures.

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curly Bill

Depending on the manufacturer this can be a good or bad idea. Belkin software is absolutely shocking when it comes to connectivity - I couldn't work out why I couldn't connect to my network half the time.

Disabled the software, enabled Zero config, and it's been working well ever since.

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