No Connection Until WLAN Utility is Run

I just installed an Airlink wireless card in an old Win 98se laptop. When the laptop starts, there is no connection to the router (Linksys WRT54G). I have no Internet access and the laptop cannot see the other two PCs on the network. However, if I run the WLAN utility program that came with the card, after a couple of seconds the connection is established and everything works fine until the next reboot. Running the utility should not be needed before getting a connection, right?

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Robert Jacobs

You probably do need the utility, since 98 doesn't have any builtin support for wireless, or indeed much support for networking in general.

98's networking is terribly flaky. I used to find it occasionally took several mins to get a WIRED connection.....
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Mark McIntyre

fwiw I have winME laptop and compex g card instantly connected at start up. Tray applet for the connection utility is in regedit with start command after it. regedit Run "CPXBGSTA.EXE START"

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