Wireless access point problems...

I'll assume you're using the latest revision firmware in the WAP54G. Sounds like you did everything correctly.

A few things to try:

  1. Disable WEP and see if DHCP now works. It usually does.
  2. The algorithm for converting ASCII keys to hex seems to vary by manufactory. Try using a 10 digit hex 64bit key or a 26 digit hex
128bit WEP key. Hex WEP keys ALWAYS work. ASCII is sometimes a problem.
  1. Download the free "DHCP Query Tool" from:
    formatting link
    's at the bottom of the list. Load it on a malfunctional laptop and see what it does. You do not need to have an IP address for this to work as DHCP uses all 1's broadcast. I've seen where the DHCP server returns garbage and the client ignores the garbage as some type of sanity check. It might also be that the WAP54G is blocking broadcasts for some odd reason (it shouldn't).
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Jeff Liebermann
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Are only domain users allowed to get DHCP assigned addresses?

Are these laptop users in the domain ?

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We added a WAP54G to our office to accommodate customers who come in & need to use their laptops. We're using WEP & have broadcasting turned on. We have a DHCP server on the LAN to pass out IP addresses to customers & customers laptops are set to get a dhcp address. Anyone who works here & has a domain account can log in to the domain, get an IP address & everything works fine. Anyone else can't. What's happening is if you place the curser over the network tray, it will say "Connected to 'wireless_network', signal strength excellent", but computer is getting a 169.254.x.x address. I actually had one laptop get a dhcp address, after the computer had been on about 15 minutes, but couldn't connect to or ping anything. Am I missing something here?

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"Mike" wrote in news:g52Sd.18045$ snipped-for-privacy@fe2.texas.rr.com:

You're missing the fact that the wireless computer cannot get an IP from the DHCP server on the network and therefore it is timing out and getting the 169.254.xxx.xxx IP being assigned by the O/S. The 169 IP should allow the machine to access other machines on the LAN, but the IP will not allow the machine to access the WAN/Internet, since the machine never got an IP from the DHCP server on the network.

It could be that the 54G is defective, the 54G is mis-configured, or the wireless NIC on the computer is ms-configured (or NIC could be defective too but most likely not with client/customer machines) as to why the computer is timing out and the 169 IP is being assigned.

I would suggest you get on the phone with Linksys Tech Support and track down the problem.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Yes, WEP is enabled and you have to enter the encryption keys before you will connect.

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DLink Guru

I have the encryption key already set in the profile...

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Your DHCP server isn't doling out IPs for some reason. There are *many* reasons this could occur, unfortunately. :-)

If you created a new subnet for these laptops, make sure the DHCP server has a definition for the new subnet. Then there's the old BOOTP/DHCP Helper requirement for DHCP servers not on the same subnet as the clients; make sure your routers are properly configured with this.

That's obviously just a starting point, but hopefully that will help. Also, use that DHCP client test tool another responder identified.

good luck, Jonathan

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Jonathan Sturges

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