Wireless Repeater (Belkin) problem

*Router:* Draytek Vigor 2600vg (192.168.10.X) *Repeater:* Belkin F5D7132(192.168.2.X)

I recently move my computer from my front bedroom (above my wireless router) to my spare room at the back of the house. I live in a Victorian terrace so I think there are loads of nasty bits of metal in the walls. In its new location my computer has no chance of connecting to my router. It can see it and connect to it but the signal isn't strong enough to get an IP address (well thats what I think is problem). I decided to buy a Belkin Wireless Universal Range Extender (WURE) to try and increase the range of my wireless network. I am able to get the repeater to connect to my router. I can connect to repeater. The problem is my IP Address. The repeater just won't give me one. I have tried DHCP and static on the 192.168.2.X network. With the static IP address I have no connection to the internet. With DHCO it always comes back with 169.254.X.X as my IP address. From passed experience I understand this is because DHCP failed. I have set the repeater to have the IP address of so that it is on the same network as the router (I don't know if this acutally matters with repeaters). This doesn't seemed to have made much difference either.

Does anyone have any ideas please? :confused:

Cheers Chris

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