Wireless router problems

I've been using my Netgear DG834T router in my house fine for about 6 months, numrous PCs and laptops all connected and all using broadband. DHCP giving out reserved IPs etc etc

Today however, everything has gone t*ts up. While working this afternoon my net connection just stopped, I figured it might be plusnet but ruled that out after I couldn't connect to my router ( I rebooted the router and things got back to normal. A few hours later the same happened again, but this time when I rebooted the router, things didn't go back to normal.

At first the router ignored my reserved IP on my main PC of and gave it something like and it wouldn't connect to the net. I could at this point still log into my router, when I did I could see that under attached devices it simply listed "unknown". Ok, so here I disabled WEP, deleted the reserved IPs and rebooted. All the devices are able to get the SSID but and all the adaptors show connected but I can't log into the router, and the IPs are being sent out.

I spend ages trying to get back into my router but couldn't. So then I hook up an ethernet cable and try to log in without any luck. I've even tried to reset the router to factory default and I still can't get in with the default login and nothing will connect. Is my router scrweed? All the lights/indicators are fine.

I'm sick to death of dodgy netgear products. This will be the 3rd netgear product I've sent back within a year.

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Do as did, send it back and get a different router, preferably Draytek. And then get shouted at here for saying that Netgear is cr*p, but you will still have smile on your face if your Draytek is like my 2600VG, seen once in two years just to update to new VoIP firmware ;-) Regards, Martin

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Windows (and other operating sysems I think) issues a 169.254.x.x IP address when it can't get one from a DHCP server.

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According to a reviewer

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(# Wireless client connectivity to the Internet and to other wireless/wired PCs for peer-to-peer networking # 54Mb/Sec Maximum Total Wireless Network capacity (depending on environment) # Wireless range up to max 200M (open space) and typically up to 50M direct line of sight in buildings/homes. Performance will vary considerably depending on environment (obstructions, walls, ceilings, building type etc.) # Twin aerials to give best coverage and diversity

I am not sure if one can use in a two-story house with 5 bedrooms upstairs and 4 rooms downstairs. What is your experience?


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