client not able to access the DHCP ip address

DHCP server is my Belkin54g router OS on PC is windows xp home

i can't get an ip address from my network on one laptop.

The event viewer says: Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the network card with network address 0014a485c5e3. The IP address being used is My network is configured as 192.168.x.x

How do I get the network card to give up this address so it will find my network ip.

The problem is that the laptop is not connecting to the router. If it doesn't get a legitimate connection, it won't give you an IP address. The problem could be that the router has MAC address filtering turned on (a

stupid nuisance, since it is trivially bypassed), or that it is using WEP or WPA and you haven't correctly put in the passcode for the connection.

2003 sbs is my server but i do not have the dns or dhcp running yet as i want to solve this issue first

i checked the router and mac filtering in not enabled

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On 23 Aug 2006 09:27:03 -0700, "frogman" wrote in :

Does it try? Is MAC filtering on?

That's an address Windows assigns when DHCP fails.

It will do that automatically if and when DHCP works. Try Repair.

You know that how?

Have you turned off _all_ security when troublehsooting?

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John Navas

Let me be more specific

I have 2 laptops running XP home with wireless cards I also 2 pc one running 2003 server and the other running XP pro

I am using the DHCP on the router because I am going to setup a different server in the near future and get rid of my old server.

One laptop connects fine The other connects to the router but has trouble acquiring a network IP address and it comes back with an IP that is not on my network ( My network is 192.168.x.x. I have walked through all of the wireless network connection stuff and both laptops are the same.

When I check the event viewer on the one lap it says: Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the network card with network address 0014a485c5e3. The IP address being used is My network is configured as 192.168.x.x

Now the mac filtering I checked was on the router not the laptop, as I don't know where to check that on the laptop.

I am sorry about the confusion. I posted this in the wrong group so I moved it to here. I left the stuff they helped me with in the post so we would not have to cover the same ground but I see now it is just confusing


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Note that the 169... address is the XP default private IP when the connection cannot be made. Also, did you specifically select your wireless network? Right click the system tray connection icon and select View Available Networks, then select yours. If the router is not broadcasting SSID, turn that on. Some wireless NICs will not connect unless SSID is broadcast.

MAC address filtering is set in the router. If it is enabled in the router, then consult the router's DHCP client table for the MAC address of the new NIC, enter it into the MAC filtering table, save the properties to the router.

You can google for winsockxpfix.exe that will repair the tcp/ip stack. You can also check the tcp/ip properties, advanced button, options tab, tcp/ip filtering. Make sure all ports and protocols are set to Permit All and not Permit Only, then disable filtering. Q

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On 23 Aug 2006 16:05:05 -0700, "frogman" wrote in :

As I wrote, that's assigned by Windows when DHCP fails.

Either they are actually different (e.g., with regard to security), or they are being treated differently by the router (e.g., MAC filtering).

In other words, DHCP failed.

MAC filtering is only on the router.

Turn off all security on the router and the computers while troubleshooting.

If that doesn't work, run the script at and post the complete results here.

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John Navas

I found the newest 3rd party driver and it works fine now

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