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I am in the process of setting up a wireless access point for a small company. It will be used as another means for staff to connect to the Internet and gain access to shared network resources. At present, I can gain Internet Access via any wireless connection...but cannot browse the network.

I've tried various configurations, but at present, this is the configuration that is being used while we troubleshoot.

Static IP assigned to router (e.g. 10.200.x.x) Subnet mask, DNS etc. all match those within the domain.

DHCP is enabled for the network portion of the configuration. Router IP for network access is default (

Any connecting workstation is able to access the internet and obtain a

192.168.x.x address.

The problem appears to be the Checkpoint firewall. We believe that we have unrestricted access in out for HTTP traffic, but LAN traffic (RPC etc.) is being blocked.

If anyone has any suggestions for a configuration (create a subnet for the wireless network? set up specific rules in the firewall) I'd appreciate the input.


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I'm confused (but that's nothing new). I'm trying to figure out what you have and what you're doing. They seem to be intermingled. My guess(tm) is that you have an existing network using IP addresses. You have connected the WRT300N configured as a router and are deliverying DHCP assigned IP addresses to the clients. Meanwhile, you have a Checkpoint firewall *SOMEWHERE* in the system. How close am I?

You apparently have one too many routers. The Checkpoint router can take care of any firewall and authentication issues. You don't need the extra router inside the WRT300N. I suggest that you set it up as an access point (AP) instead of a router. This is easy. First, disable the DHCP server in the WRT300N. Then assign an IP address to the WRT300N that's inside your IP address space. Connect the WRT300N to the network via a CAT5 ethernet cable between one of the *LAN* ports and a switched port on the network switch. The WAN/internet port on the WRT300N is not used and is not connected. The Checkpoint firewall probably has a DHCP server running which will deliver IP addresses to the client. I'll leave it to you to configure authorization and authentication in the Checkpoint firewall. Just make sure you have at least WPA-PSK (or better) encryption enabled in the WRT300N.

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