Vista Home Basic and Dlink Access Point

I have an Acer laptop with ATheros wireless NIC (Inbuilt). Dlink Router with Dlink Access Point. Other computers can connect wirelessly but the Acer with Vista will not. Says it can see the connection but will not connect. Any ides Rgds C

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try with hello and please

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On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 09:32:43 +1000, "cds" wrote in :

Reset router to factory defaults and start over with no security. Only enable security after all wireless is working. Step by step.

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John Navas

Do you have MAC filtering enabled on your wireless AP? If so, add the MAC of the Acer's wireless device so that it will be able to access your network. Also, check your APs DHCP settings. Do you have it set to allow a specific number of computers to receive an IP address from it? If so, increase the number to include the Acer. If you have encryption enabled on the AP, make sure that you configure the Acer's wireless device settings to match that of the AP. Let us know if this solves your issue.

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