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I am a little unclear about the scenario .. but it sounds like you need to extend the wlan to another building ?

As you have bought another AP it may be an idea to look into setting it up as a repeater to extend the wireless network you have already.

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I have a Sitecome wireless router hooked up to a Dlink Wireless access point to a Dlink aerial connecting to a shop across the street. All is fine for the computer across t he road (about 60 metres) and I get a Very Good Signal. I want now to add a laptop to across the road to connect as well. I purchased another wireless access point (DLINK DWL-900AP) thinking that if I placed that across the road it would pick up the signal from the main Sitecom router and then the laptop would be able to access also. Not so. Does anyone have an idea as to how I should do this please. All new to wireless networking but done fairly well so far

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