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The 5Gig WiFi band has interesting oddities. One is the number of AdHoc sites..One which is universal is "Free Public Internet." Connect to this one with XP and you can automatically be in AdHoc mode without even being aware. So why worry, you ask?? The AdHoc site now is almost completely into your "laptop." It's almost as if he's sitting at your computer. Another is "HPsetup." Almost found around the world..Drifts around..although apparently harmless..And there are variations in the fore- going..5 Gig RF bounces around to a much greater extent than 2.5, and if you're trying to locate a site, it's hard work. It's here, but move a coupla cm. and it's gone. Commentary?? Cheers!!!

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It's a lame Microsoft bug (which still hasn't been fixed). See:

I've seen the "free public WiFi" SSID appear dozens of times at Fry's and Circuit City, as their demo machines seems to be rather common victims. It had me confused for a while until I read the explanation. As for 5.7GHz propogation, y'er mostly correct. It's more directional and subject to reflection problems. However, the disappearing peer-to-peer client effect isn't because of these. It's because most such devices are dual band and time share between bands. If there's little traffic on 5.7GHz, the client will give it a smaller time slot. The result is that it appears to come and go until you're actually connected. Note that I said client, not access point. Most better access points have dual radios, one for each band, and do not switch bands.

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