Tv sender signals via wireless network card

Since I hear so frequently people complaining that their TV senders are interfering with their wireless home networks I guess they are sharing freqencies. It occurred to me that it may be possible to hack the wireless network card stack to pull this transport out and turn it back into a tv picture on my PC. Anyone got any thoughts on the feasibility of this ?


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Don't guess. They are sharing the 2400.0 to 2483.5 Mhz band. While

802.11 is designed to coexist with other 802.11 systems, it is not designed to deal with other modulation schemes, such as VSB or DSB beleched by the TV extensions.

"pull this transport out"? Wazzat mean?

There are already systems for transporting compressed video over

802.11g wireless. For example:

Since it's TCP/IP, it will work over 802.11a/b/g wi-fi.

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