Help needed installing Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router

Hi all. I've just purchased said modem/router (Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router) and I've connected it up as shown etc etc. It recognises that there is a LAN connection present, and the lights and everything on the hardware light up, but when instructed to go to in my browser, it won't access it. Why might this be? In the past I've fudged around with LAN settings to try and get internet connection sharing to work on a home network (alas, to no avail) but I'm fairly sure I didn't change anything that might make a difference... Any idea which TCP/IP settings have to be present to connect..? Bloody things....

Anyway, cheers y'all

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my first sug would be a Firewall either disable it or put into its trusted area.

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Yes Baby

  • What's your computer running that you are trying to access it with? Is that MacOS X? or Windows Vista? Or what?

Check your IP Address on the computer from the ADSL Modem/Router. It ought to be 192.168.2.something? If not then, well there's your problem... You could try a manual configuration on your computer (Static IP Address) rather than "Automatic/DHCP". Put yourself in the range of 192.168.2.X where X is from 2 to 254. Network mask Gateway

See if that works? Make sure the Belkin is running DHCP. If the above doesn't work check that you might need a different cable, either a straight-through cable or a cross-over cable for the LAN CAT5 connection. Some newer hardware does this cable switching automatically (Auto MDI/MDI-X.)

Some web browsers, sometimes even Internet Explorer, doesn't handle IP Address URL's very well. Try putting the whole thing in the address location and see if that makes any difference.

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