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Hello everyone!

I have the following extremely irritating problem: I have a home network with 3 PC's and a wireless router. Two of the computers are connected to the router wirelessly, and the third - via wire. Everything is OK with the internet connection on all computers. The problem is I cannot make the wireless connected computers see the third computer over the network and thus have File and printer sharing. It is important, because my printers are connected to the "wired" computer and I need to have access to it via the network to be able to print.

All three computers are on the same workgroup, the two with wireless cards see eachother and communicate, but neither of them is able to see the wired PC! however, when I a ping of the wired computer is possible, but it cannot be seen in Network Neighbourhood.

What can be the problem? It really drives me nuts!

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It drives other people nuts when somebody posts a technical question on Usenet without including basic information about the hardware and software being used.

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Neill Massello

Devil's in the details that are not provided.

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Cal Vanize

It's most likely a firewall problem on the wired pc.


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Adair Winter

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