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I am having trouble with the wireless on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 running Windows XP which is current with all updates.

The wireless has stopped working. I have no trouble connecting once I wire it to the router.

I have tired every trouble shooting trick I know of. I've refreshed the winsock, checked over all the settings (which are fine as far as I can tell), turned the router on and off.

There is an error message I have which says that the wireless network adapter cannot be refreshed, but it is working correctly when I open up device manager.

When I switch on the wireless, the connection is strong but no packets are sent or received. Strangely though, as soon as the wireless is switched on it will send and receive packets for around 3 seconds before stopping.

I would really like to fix this problem, please share any advice you may have.

Thanks loads :)

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pandacola hath wroth:

  1. Is there a wireless on off slide or push button switch? If so, turn it on.
  2. Control Panel -> Network Right click on the wireless device icon and select "enable". If it says "disable" at the top of the list, leave it alone.
  3. You may have a wireless on/off function key combination on the keyboard. Something like is common. I'm not sure it applies to your particular laptop.
  4. Toshiblah supplies some kind of connection manager. I think it's called "Config Free". Fire up Config Free and see if it offers an enable/disable button or setting.
  5. Do you have any other connection manager installed other than Config Free?
  6. You can also turn off the wireless card in the BIOS. I doubt this is the problem, but take a look anyway.

Google doesn't find anything with that phrase. Could I trouble you for the exact error message and which program is complaining?

Ok, so something is turning it off immediately after you turn it on.

That's fine as long as you don't overload.

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