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Guru's ..... am new bie to Wireless:rolleyes:... am a service provider. i have to cover an area which is a 1KM away from the feasibility. where Fiber Optic cable is unable to reach (as in between slums area also comes and least probability to go with Fiber).

Definitely i will be hiring an Wireless Networker:) for stable and better network ... as being an service provider; but... i wanted to know the costing of the particular wireless devices and the list of devices which will be in use.

Keeping in Mind:cool:.... its just not i will be starting a wireless to the customers/end users .... its just for Area "A" to reach Area "B" ... after getting a signal, Area "B" will be on Weired network only. One more thing : is it possible to cover Area "C" within that Area "A" Router (which is being in use to passon signal to Area "B")

Waiting for reply........ (Sorry... i may sound lit. choosey:( ... but guys lemme grow with your experiences) Thankx in Advance

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On Sun, 3 Feb 2008 11:28:33 -0500, sweet.devil wrote in :

You'll need clear line of sight (including fresnel zone) and directional antennas.

As a service provider you'll want to use commercial grade hardware. Figure roughly $1,000 for each end of the link, $2,000 total, plus installation cost.

Depends on where these areas are. How about a diagram?

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