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Hi all. I would like your help in a issue i am facing now. This is how things are:

- My home doesn't have ethernet wiring.

- I have in my room (upstairs), a router, SpeedTouch 585(i) v6 (with wireless capability)

- I have a set top box (satellite receiver) with ethernet interface. The receiver is in the living room (downstairs), where the TV is.

The receiver must have constant internet access. I don't want to use wires, as they will mess things up. So i must go to a wireless solution.

I already know about Netgear's solution with XE102 powerline. 2 devices that use the electrical wiring of the house and create a lan. This solution is somewhat expensive.

My search showed that a wireless ethernet bridge might do the job. Something like that:

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I am open to suggestions. Which wireless ethernet bridges are for the thing i want? (to connect to my wireless router [802.11g support] and provide constant internet access to my set top box(receiver).

Sorry for my long post, but i tried to be exact and clear. Any suggestions are welcomed. If you need more info please don't hesitate to ask me. After all i need the help.:confused:

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Not sure what you mean by too expensive... From amazon they are $50.99

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How much cheaper do you want em?

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Peter Pan

I second on Peter's replay!

PowerLine Ethernet boxes are hassle free solution if compared to wireless bridging with affordable price!

If you are still thinking of wireless bridging you can use a pair of ZyXEL G-3000H with one upstairs and one downstairs but the cost is double or more than PowerLine boxes and needs more effort to get them operational.


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