Cant connect to wireless network with usb adapter


About three months ago I bought an ENCORE USB2.0 802.11g WIRELESS LAN ADAPTER an was working fine everywhere i would go the laptop would connect straigh with any available wireless network. I was always using it at my local university that uses a password protection WEP. When i turn on the laptop and connected the usb i could see loads of available netwroks to connect.

However about a month ago I went to a research institute and tried to connect there and wasnt sucessfull, i mean i connect but the signal was very week even inside of the building with the wireless link that i could no acess the internet.

After that i returned to my local university and since then i couldnt connect anymore with the usb adapter. I tried to install the drivers and software and nothing.. acnt see any wireless netwrok and there are about 5 write here where iam writting this message in the university desktop that is connect to wireless network. My laptop isright here nearby me and dont show any network...

I cant understand whats going on. I would realy appreciate a help on how to make this wireless network work again in my laptop. Many thanks.


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