Strange problem with access on a Belkin 54G Router


I was round my friend's earlier, helping him set up his WLAN. He bought the Belkin WLAN comprising of Modem/Router and 1xUSB Adpater all 54G. We set up the USB adapter on the 2nd machine whilst he shutdown his game on his main PC. We got the router plugged in and his Zoom ADSL modem working through the router so we could get online on the main PC. To sortmout the configuration of the PC's and the router, I went to and got in successfully. The PC then crashed caused by non other than MSN Messenger

*rolls eyes*. We fully shut down the 2nd PC, and powered off at the wall for both to give a full close down. After waiting for a minute, we turned on the main system. All looked OK, seeing as I could browse to any website. Then I decided to go on as normal to go. I just received the MSN page not found error. After about 3 reboots, and 2 resets of the router using the physical reset button on the router, I had to come home. I cannot figure out for the life of me why it is now not letting me go into config. I can browse as normal, but cannot get into the config page. Anyone have a solution?



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Neil Barras
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