Belkin Wireless Network Problem

Hi All I am having real snags setting up the following: I have a PC using XP Pro, and a laptop using XP Home (both SP2) that i would like to set up both in a wireless network using the following cards and router/modem I have bought:

  1. Belkin 802.11g wireless Notebook Network Card
  2. Belkin 802.11g Desktop Network Card
  3. Belkin 802.11g ADSL Router/Modem - F57630-4A

I connected the router to the mains and the phone line and got the lights I was expecting from the manual. I installed the network cards successfully into both the PC and laptop successfully. From the PC I logged into for the router interface, and set the parameters needed. However, after about 5 minutes, the router seems to lock and I cannot navigate the router anymore. I reinstalled the network card, and reset the router and was able to reconnect to the router but the same thing happened after about 5 min again. I then did the same from the laptop, and after about 5 minutes the same thing happened. When I tried from the pc, i got a "Duplicate Administrator" error and was unable to connect to the router interface, even when the laptop was powered down. Also, when I log out from the laptop or the PC, and login again, the connection to the network is lost, and cannot be reestablished until I reinstall everything again. For info, at the moment, both the PC and the laptop are right next to the router. Also, with respect to the parameters, I can see where to enter the ISP username and password, but nowhere to enter the Server IP address or subnet masks.

Any help here please would be very much appreciated. I am going to try another router, but do wonder if this is the problem.

Many thanks in advance


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My first suggestion would be to check the router firmware version then go to the Belkin site and see if there are any firmware upgrades available and if so apply them. Then do the same for the adapters. You should also do any configuration of the router with a wired connection....not a wireless.




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I was having the same problem, suspect issue with IE. Download Mozilla Firefox and then you should not have any more problems.

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I just got the same router for a laptop on a cable connection. After a

day of trying to make the wi router work properly I came to the

conclusion that this router is not all that great. Its really other words it works when it wants and how it

wants.... Regarding your problem, I was having pretty much similar

issues. Make sure that when you set the parameters, you

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