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I've bought this card from one's that bought it from T-Mobile. Unfortunentaly during this way of selling and buying, the drivers of card have been lost, and now I am unable to use it. I've installed software of Communication Center but while runnig computer with your card inside, WinXP detects new device and cannot recognise it. I've checked it in Control Panel and seen four unknown devices. Three of them was named "data interface" an fourth was named "ethernet adapter". So, I am guessing that this is my card.

This my my card unuseful, because Communication Center cannot connect to the GPRS/UMTS network (and I am sure that the network is present). Is it posibble to get somehow drivers for it?

Or maybe you know where should I ask questions like this to receive a decent answer?

Thank you for any help, Adam Narkiewicz

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Adam - Did you ever get this sorted out ?

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