Problem with a Belkin Wireless G Router

Hello Everyone! I've got a problem when I'm trying to configure a home network through a Belkin Wireless G Router. I've got a laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium and a PC with WinXP SP2 at home and I got Internet through a WiMAX modem. I configured the router for wireless. However, Laptop got Internet via wireless and, PC got Internet via UTP cable. Both computers have the same range of IP directions and the same subnet mask, but when I ping each other, it fails. I ping laptop to router, and PC to router and it works fine. I don't understand why this happen, and I want to know how fix it. I appreciate any idea from you. Thanks!


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Might be Laptop is not wirelesly connected to the Belkin Router. First connect laptop wired to router and ping the PC from laptop and check if it works. If it works then check the wireless config (mainly : SSID) on the Laptop...

Reply if it works or not.. Thanks. Manu

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