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Hello everyone, i recently reformatted my harddrive... everything was working great, for weeks. Now my wirelss (MS MN-700) base station has stopped working. I can only get on the internet when i plug directly into the cable modem. When i try accessing through the wirless base, my ip address is re-set to I know this is an easily fix but i'm not getting it. Any help is appreciated, thanks


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Why do you think this is incorrect? It sounds a reasonable IP addy for a router to hand out.

Did you have encryption enabled on the router, or something, and forgot to re-enable it on the client? Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

"Kristinmerri" hath wroth:

Windows, what do you want to reinstall today?

I'll assume you're using Windoze XP Home with SP2.

The DHCP server in your MN-700 is working. It has an IP address of and has correctly assigned an address of to your PC. This is normal.

Point your web browser to: and you should see the configuration pages for the MN-700. The WAN(internet) port cable goes to the modem. Your PC goes to either one of the 4 LAN ports or via wireless. Probably best to do this initially with a cable instead of via wireless.

Make sure you power cycle (on/off) the modem every time you change cabling arrangements. The modem stores the MAC address of whatever is connected to it. This needs to change when switching between the PC to modem arrangment, and the MN-700 to modem arrangement.

Using your web browser, go to the "status" page and see if you are getting valid routeable IP addresses from your cable ISP. If not, turn everything off and try again. Since the MN-700 was working before you hosed your hard disk, we can safely assume that there have been no changes in the MN-700. Therefore, I would avoid tinkering with the settings.

If the status page shows real live routeable IP addresses, then you should be able to browse the internet normally. If the IP's look normal, but you can't browse, there's something messed up on your computer. Without additional clues, I can't offer even a guess. I would drag in a 2nd computer, to verify that the MN-700 is working.

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Jeff Liebermann

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