Help - LinkSys BEFSX41 router with Arescom NetDsl800 modem


I have read from various news group that people have managed to get the above combination to work. Would you be kind enough to share the recipe?

However, when I placed them together it did not work. I have discovered this much:

Arescom NetDsl800 is actually a modem/router whose ip is I can browse to this address and access a bastardised version of the administration page. I can only choose - Connect through PC PPPoE dialer or Auto-connection (which required username and password).

It has a firewall and acts as a DHCP server.

If I select the "Connect through PC PPPoE" and set up the LinkSys (whose IP is to do the PPPoE dialing (using DHCP) it fails to find the PPPoE server. Any idea?

I have now switched the NetDsl modem to use auto-connection.

I telnet to but met with the username/password which I do not have and this is obviously different from account user name/password as I can manage to connect to the ISP with PC PPPoE dialling and with Auto-connection.

Can someone post a recipe to set up this combination please?

I have verified that the NetDsl hands out only one IP address.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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I can't tell if this device can be set to operate solely in bridge mode, or not. That would be the easiest way, if it is at all possible. Did you not get any software with the modem? The manual mentions software. Oh, I don't own one of those things, I just asked a good friend, who told me the following:

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