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My home network is going ok with LInksys 2.4 ll-g router. Someone GAVE me a Dell lattitude P2 with a Netgear card, 11-b. It's installed but is not receving a signal from the Linksys router. Anyone care to step me thru this?? My home pc's are xp. pro I * thought* that you could setup a wireless lappy to take with you and when you got in a "hotspot" it would automatically log in to the internet. Thanks

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Well is the router able to switch between b and g on its own depending upon what type of connection is connecting to it? I know they have the router with the capacity to allow b and g connections, but I have never seen or used one.

I think it could if the machine was XP using Wireless Zero Configuration.

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I don't know about a Win 98 doing it auto but it should connect to a *B* setup whether it's auto or not.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Got it working! As it turns out, I had to go into my router and tell it it accept b or g. Works fine

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