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Hi, I have a wireless router which works fine until yesterday. The router seems not to be working. It wont allow me to have internet access, when i direct connect (without using router) it works. What is wrong with my router ? :confused:

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What kind of router?

If its a home networking toy, try powering it down and up again.

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Cal Vanize

First, we need more info as to router and client pc, and your troubleshooting steps so far. More than "it's broke." :') Guessing: your client is not connecting to the AP. Could be lots of reasons for that- radio, authentication, yada, yada. Guessing again that client is Windows pc, have you checked via the "connection manager" which is an OS sservice? Many Windows pcs have two choices of such to use- vendor's and MS's. And ... updates are possible for some vendors' connection managers; some vendors' earlier versions are really brittle, IME.


mrgooey wrote:

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John Barry

Turn your clock back to before yesterday and see if the router works again.

Nothing. If you plug in with an ethernet cable directly to the router and it works, then you've tested everything except the wireless section. My guess(tm) is that it's probably something you did on your unspecified model laptop or wireless computer. Fix it or remove the connection profile and start over.

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