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Hey JoJo,

I just got the Netgear WGT624 108mps wireless router along with the Netgear WG511T PC Card and have had great luck with it. I'd suggest this setup to anyone - easy to install, very fast and so far, no problems at all. I had to replace my Linksys equipment after too many disconnects. Others here will tell you they like Linksys - it just didn't work for me.

I say Netgear - either the 54mps or 108mps router along with the WG511T PC card.

Good luck,

- Tom C.

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Tom C.
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Hi, I have a Dell inspiron 8600 laptop. running XP pro. I have ordered yahoo dsl for my home.

Now all I need is a router right? (I'll worry about the printer later) What do I need?

On the compusa website I see them for as low as $24.99 after rebate. Which one do I really need?

I have a small house (2000 sq. ft.) and the equip will be centrally located. Might want to go out on the patio and word or surf...but that's about it.

I might later add a wireless card to an existing PC, so might need to accommodate that...

Thanks for suggestions.

jojo (trying to be cost effective, but not cheap)

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Hi Internet Hi. The content of the following links will provide you with a tutorial about the issue. It is short and to the point. The first three links bellow were written by me ages ago. You might ignore the prices and Brands recommendations. The principles however are still the same. Basic Options for Internet Connection Sharing -

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Network -
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- Hardware:
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- Basic Configuration:
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- Basic Security:
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I use the same router as you Jim, D-Link DI624 and I can get a signal across the street and down three houses. I have downloaded the newest firmware and it includes "extended range mode". Due to this extended range I have the security enabled. I also use D-Link Extreme G products only for wireless networking. Excellent products if you ask me.

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Like you, I agree with selecting the D-Link DI-624. It is a very capable wireless router. However, it does not have to be linked only to other D-Link products to reach speeds of 108mbps. Currently, I am using it in conjunction with my Netgear WG511T notebook card and together, they sizzle. My only gripe with using the DI-624 is the fact that, although it is "capable of supporting" AES encryption, AES is not currently supported. The Netgear WG511T notebook card supports both TKIP and AES.

Just Me, D

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Doug Jamal

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