routing problem between ADSL router and wireless router

I have an ADSL router (let's call it R1) which is configured by default as and it works quite happily on it's own with upto 4 clients.

Now I have a wireless router (not ADSL, just a plain router - let's call it R2). The wireless router is by default, and is now connected to R1 by connecting the 'WAN' port on R2 to a spare LAN socket on R1.

I have setup R2 and it connects to the internet just fine, as do any R2 clients. Also an R2 client can PING R1, R2 and any R1 clients.

However, R1 clients can't ping R2 or any R2 clients.

How do I configure R1 or the R1 clients so that they can see the R2 network?

I have tried a static route on R1, using on the lan ports (only have a choice of the lan ports or the ADSL line, can't seem to choose a specific lan port).

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If you do the setup in the link, then the machines on both routers will be able to see and access each other.

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I took the easy way out.

Duane :)

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