Motorola wireless router problem

I have adelphia cable with one of them surfboard modems, i bought a motorola wireless router. I can connect wired computers no problem, but the wireless get to see the network and log in but don't get internet. since the cable modem signs in automatically i don't plug it on the wan "hole", i plug it on one of the Lan ones and like i said it works for the wired computer. One thing i noticed when i have internet connection on the wired computer, i cannot access the web based setup of the router. And if i have access to the web based setup i don't have internet.What do i need to do to make the wireless work? Tia

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The hole is called a *port*. ;-)

The computer doesn't have an IP from the router that's going to allow the computer to access the router's admin screens.

What's the IP the computer has when you enter IPconfig /all at the DOS Command Prompt.

Again what is the IP the machine has using IPconfig /all.

Did you read the manual for the wireless card and router?

Did you call the router's tech support and asked for assistance with the setup?

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

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