Which Wireless Router?

Hate to tell you, but print servers are *NOT* what you think (wap/routers)....Thats why they are called "print servers". They are standalone wireless nodes that make a printer (usb or parralel) a device on your wireless network. You still need a WAP

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I'm considering on a Wireless Router, can anyone advise?

The Router will sit on a shelf in another room and requires to connect a Parallel Printer.

I also don't quite understand if an interface card (inserted into your computer, to connect with the router) is included with such a router as default?

two options seen so far:

Linksys WPS54GU2 Wireless USB 2.0 Print Server £90.47 D-Link DP-G321 802.11g Print Server £139.42

Don't see much difference between them, an additional USB port on the D-Link can't justify the price difference, can it?

Any comments/suggestions appreciated.

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What you really need / are talking about is a wireless router with a printer port, i.e. the printer is wired to the router, which means it's available to any computer on the network, wireless or otherwise. One such router is Draytek Vigor 2600G, excellent piece of kit, but not cheap. Here comes the bad news: Such printer ports are always (AFAIK) USB ports.

If you really want to use your old printer with parallel port, you would need a separate print server, wireless or otherwise, they aren't intended for home use, hence they aren't cheap. Likely to cost more then a new printer. BTW there are also printers with built in wireless connection, HP ones that I know of. Regards, Martin

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There are pros and cons to every brand and model so you need to

determine what features are important based on the amount of money

you're willing to spend. My personal recommendations are as follows:

WPA and WPA-PSK encryption (preferably TKIP and/or AES), NAT & SPI

firewall, Wireless-G, long range, fast throughput and easy to set up

and manage. With that in mind, I recommend the D-Link DI-624, Belkin

F5d7231-4, Netgear WGR614 or the Linksys WRT54GS. Indeed, there are

others, but these are my preferences.

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doug Jamal

D-link do a very nice (wired) printserver with a single parallel port for around GBP50. I use one for my color inkjet.

I also have a useless usb printserver port on my router. Useless because it won't work with multifunction printers such as my Kyo X5150. My advice is to buy separate router and printservers, anyway.

Also Epson and Canon at least, I forget which models, and some can be upgraded with a network module similar to HP's JetDirect card.

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