problem with wireless router

Hope somebody can help me here. Seems to be a proxy/firewall/dns problem, or could be something else.

I set up a new wireless network today, with a Safecom SWAMR-54108 ADSL Modem and Router.

Everything seems to work fine, and my Desktop PC and Laptop can both access the internet through this connection, and share files etc.

However, some applications do not access the internet from the Desktop Machine - specifically Internet Explorer 6 SP2, Mozilla Firefox 1.04, Windows Messenger 5.1.

These applications all get through the gateway correctly on the laptop, and other software works on the desktop machine (Outlook Express, Opera 7 and various other stuff).

I've tried disabling Windows firewall and zonealarm, and it makes no difference.

When I try to go to a website in IE, it looks for an IP address of which is a bit stupid. I've tinkered with the connection settings to make them the same as on the laptop (where IE auto detects the correct proxy settings with no problem) but that didn't work.

Really hope someone has a solution. TIA.


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Sir Benjamin Nunn
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Unless you're actually using proxy software somewhere, the settings should be "direct conection to the internet", not "automatically detect proxy". Routers are not proxy servers.

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Mark McIntyre


Perhaps you could try the following two techniques:

Check the host file (host. ) in the directory: C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\drivers\\etc. I have nothing but comments in there and I can still access the internet without a problem. You can clear anything without a # in front of it.

Check your MTU size in your router. You can try a setting of 900 to experiment to see if it changes the situation. There is a way to find the optimum MTU size. Just get to a DOS prompt and try multiple MTU sizes until you obtain the highest ping rate. Eg: ping -f -l 900

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(where 900 is the MTU size you are experimenting with). Increment by 10 until you reach the best setting.

Let us know if this works. :-)

Cheers Unicorn

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