I have a netgear 240 wireless router.....Network problem!

I have a netgear 240 wireless router (240mbps). my ISP is Verizon. When i set up the router using the disc i lose internet on the computer I'm setting it up with even though it says its connected. Then I have to call Verizon to restore the correct settings after i disconnect the router otherwise i wont have internet. When i connect it and all the correct lights are on, on the modem and the router I still do not have any internet on either of the 2 computers. I have called Verizon about this and they just send me to Netgear which sends me back to Verizon. I have run out of ideas and before i call someone like the GeekSquad I'd like to see what you guys can think of. Extra info: The IP settings are all correct. I think i am just going to buy a Linksys or a D-link. Thanks!

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My advice to you would be to skip that. The router you have has a built in web page. Look on the bottom of the router to see if they tell you how to access it.

From prior experience...Verizon's service is keyed to the network (MAC) address of your computer. Every network device is supposed to have a different MAC (in the best case...duplicates have seemingly been found), and that includes your router. Verizon could fix this problem if you give them the MAC address of the router....OR...go into the configuration web pages with the computer that currently works with the Verizon service and find the setting in the router's configuration pages to "clone" your computer's MAC address. This fools Verizon's access controls into thinking that the same old computer is attached to their network.

Any other router you buy is likely to have exactly the same problem, so don't do that just yet. I'd also think twice about letting the Geek Squad touch any of my computer equipment.


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