router->wireless bridge->router problem

Hi to all,

I'm having troubles by connecting two routers via a wireless link.

There is a 2610 connected to an AP352 na a 3620 connected to a WGB352

The link is good but the performance is poor.

The sh arp return a huge output. If i switch proxy-arp off clients on the 3620 cannot surf.

Any help is welcome



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Mike Hatts
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You can expect a maximum of about 600 kBytes/s. If you required CKIP+CMIC the throughput will drop down to 350 to 400 kB/s because of the weak CPU in the WGB. The WGB only does 10MBit/Half-Duplex.

The WGB is limited to bridge no more than 8 Ethernet addresses. If you are routing and not bridging this should not be a problem, as the WGB only sees the AP352 wireless and the 3620's interface.

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