i have a linksys WRK54G wireless broadband router, it is hard wired to my motorola sb4200 cable modem, the router is hard wired to my main pc, 3 other pcs pick up the wireless in the house.

The modem and router are in my office in the loft, the problem is every few days the linksys router drops the connection even the hard wired one to my main pc. no warning, just blam no connection.

i then have to disconnect the router and leave it for a few hours, and 9/10 it'll work agian straight off. however when it happens if i just plug my cable modem into my main pc it's all working 100%

i have tried updating the firmware on the linksys, uninstalling it, re-setting to default etc, alls godd for a while then its BLAM all back and falls over

this is driving me nuts, anyone know the answer

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"EZEKIEL" hath wroth:

The usual cause is running file sharing software (BiTorrent) that opens huge numbers of simultaneous streams that eventually cause the router buffers to overflow. Limiting the number of simultaneous streams and connections should fix the problem.

There are also attacks from the internet that will hang a router. Go to:

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try the router exploits test. My BEFW11s4 v4 hangs on two of the tests.

What hardware version of the WRT54G do you have? If you have anything other than v5, you can install alternative firmware such as DD-WRT.

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firmware has a timed reboot feature that reboots the router at a specific time of day. Not a fix but a suitable workaround.

If you don't want to go with alternative firmware, you can attach an appliance timer, that cycles the power once per day. I have a few of these on mountain top weather stations to insure that the router recovers from a hang.

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