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Hello, everyone: I am using a DSL modem (Seamens SpeedStream) and a router (Belkin). The setup works OK from day one, but it just occured to me that I do not fully understand a relationship between the two. Without a router, DSL modem would have an IP address of (for instance) for LAN and something like for WAN (Internet). I would be able to access modem settings by entering into a browser address box. Now, with router attached, I can access router settings by entering the same or similar IP address. Now I have three hosts on my home network, namely: router - for LAN and for WAN (kinda converts one address into another and splits it with DHCP) desktop - laptop - Fair enough. But what happened to DSL modem in this scheme. Does it have any IP address? How does it communicate with a router? Or is it simply done on different OSI layer, such as MAC address? And is there any way to access DSL modem's settings the way I can access router's settings? I would appreciate if someone takes time and clarifies this to me or provides me with appropriate links. Thank you. Viatcheslav
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Check your router (Belkin) wan ip address, it will show you what your DSL (SpeedStream) ip range is and from that you can find out what the DSL ip address is... You said that the wan ip on the Belkin is something like for WAN so you know the ip address that the DSL is giving you...

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The DSL modem communicates as a network bridge. It still has the same private IP address, but you can only reach that address if you are on the same subnet (which you're not).

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