Ethernet LED winks on DSL modem & router

DSL modem + router WAN lights - winking out

Running the original SBC/ATT Speedstream 5100 DSL modem that is attached to our Linksys BEFSR41 (v1) router running 1.45.7 firmware - everything has been nice and rock solid.

This morning - I noticed that things were slow. In looking at the DSL modem & router, I noticed the following...

Every few seconds, the Linksys BEFSR41 router "WAN" column of LEDs and the single "Ethernet" LED on the Speedstream 5100 modem would wink out, and then come back on. I've looked in the router logs, but don't see anything. The DSL modem lights have solid green for Power, Ethernet (wink), DSL, & Activity (blink).

I thought maybe the cable - so swapped for a new Cat6 cable - no change. Then, to see the stats on the DSL modem, I disconnected the cable between the DSL modem + router, and added a small 10/100 switch to be able to connect a laptop to see the DSL modem stats.

SO - I unplugged the cable from the router, plugged into the switch, along with adding a short cable from the switch back to the router and then a cable from the switch to a laptop. AMAZING - no more probs, AND the speed test is the fastest we've seen.

HUH - the direct connection between the DSL modem + router tends to show some intermittent Ethernet problems, but adding a small 10/100 switch betweem them (using same cables) tends to make the problem go away ???????????????

Has anyone else ever seen this anomoly of "winking" ?

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