Proxim 8480-WD/8470-WD vs. D-Link DWL-G650

All these cards have the Atheros chip... Is any one better than the other?

8480 has A/B/G, 8470 has an external antennae jack and the G650 has "108 G"...

I already have the D-Link. Is there any reason to invest in the 8480 or 8470 for extra Linux/Auditor features over the D-Link?

I also have a Netgear DW511 that works great (PrismGT?)...

I am I all set or do I have the wireless PCMCIA fever?



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Hi, You can adjust TX power on Orinoco card and it has good RX sensitivity. From my limited experience D-link card gave most headaches. Once it messed up registry which needed total restore. I am running W2K Sp4 and Linux.

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Tony Hwang

Yup, D-Link blue screened my brand new laptop (after installing drivers from factory cd). I reinstalled the laptop software and went with the Atheros drivers and it has worked great since. I liked the D-Link utility so I just replaced the D-Link drivers (same name) with the Atheros drivers.

Looking for the good stuff though, thanks. I have my eyes on an 8480... maybe an 8470 next... Got the fever! ; )

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