Dlink DWL-G650

First of all, i'm going to buy a card tomorrow, and the dlink DWL-G650 is on the top of my list, so I plan on getting that. If anyone has a good reason I shouldn't buy this, or has a better card that is PCMCIA/does injection, etc.. please let me know. I mainly am posting because i'm not sure where there is a reliable place to buy this card because it has so many revisions. Can someone tell me where I should buy it and how to determine if it's a revision that does the things I want before I buy it?

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BL4CKFIRE64 hath wroth:

Other than "injection", are there any other features that you're looking for, such as compatibility with a variety of applications that you didn't specify, external antenna connector, Linux drivers, Mac drivers, drivers the come with various LiveCD's, etc? Any particular program you're planning to use for WEP/WPA cracking?

This may help you recognize the differences between the various DWL-G650 mutations.

There's also a DWL-G650M.

and a DWL-G650+ which is not sold in the US.

To find out what chips are used, go to the FCC ID web pile at:

and inscribe: Grantee code: KA2 Product code: DWL650 and DWL-G650 and it should give you a collection of links which include inside photos and chipsets.

Sorry, but I don't have a recommended vendor.

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