D-Link network - strange problem

My networt consist from the following:

Cable modem -> D-Link DI-624

2 laptops on DWL-G650 PC on DWL-G520

The problem is that sometimes (always at the same moment) both of the laptops lose the connection, the network disappears from the list of avaliable wireless networks and the only way to fix it is restarting the router (disconnecting the network adapter, reinstalling it, rebooting the system - nothing helps) I was sure that there is something wrong with the router but lataly I noticed that PC is fine. It doesn't lose the connection, there is no problem at all with it. And it is not about the signal strenght because the PC is placed on another floor, laptops are closer to the router. The PCMCIA adapters have the newest firmeware, that is the original one because there is no newer, the same about router. The only thing is that both of the laptops have got static IP, the PC gets dynamic, but I doubt it could be the problem (??).

Any ideas what is going on and how to manage with it?

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On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 08:58:51 +0100, "miffy" wrote in :

Nonetheless, the laptops may experience issues, like interference, that the PC doesn't experience.

Probably not, but why not use DHCP on all machines?

Since the PC can see signal when the laptops cannot, you probably have some sort of sporadic interference. Try another location, ideally near the DI-624, and see if that makes a difference. See the Fast Fixes wiki below for types of interference and what you can do about them.

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John Navas

Broadcast SSID if not already doing so.

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