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I have a Linksys befw11s4 wireless router connected directly to my main pc.The router connects to the cable coming into the house. My daughter has a pc in the basement with a wireless card.I also have a laptop with a wireless connection. I would like to block the wireless signal from leaving this house,but am unsure how to do it.I see connections that are around the neighborhood but they are blocked.That is what I want to do.I know how to access the router ip( am unsure what to do when I get there.I can put a password there but how would my other pcs get the signal?What would I need to do to get that set up?How would the other pc's get to that password dialog box? thx in advance.

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"slider" hath wroth:

You need to enable encryption. Later versions of the firmware support WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK which are recomended encryption methods. Early versions only support WEP, which it terribly insecure. If only WEP is available, look on the serial number of your BEFW11S4 and extract the hardware version number. Then, download the latest firmware from the Linksys web pile.

If you can't find the settings, it's on this page:

However, I'm guessing on the hardware and firmware versions.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thx for the info.How then would I access the internet through other pc's in my house.Is there a password box that I would need to bring up then log into or something?

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"Slider" hath wroth:

The PC's that are connected via CAT5 cable are unaffected. No password required or desired. However, the wireless computers will all ask for a WPA key on initial sign on. The key is saved so you don't have to type it in every time. The WPA pass phrase should be fairly long (20 chars) so you may need to be either careful with your typing or use cut-n-paste from a file on a floppy or USB memory thing.

Where things always screwup is if you change the WPA key in the router. Windoze isn't terribly smart about the change and will try to login using the old pass phrase. The login will fail but Windoze will not bring up the password box again. You'll have to delete the SSID of your router in the wireless config, scan for new networks, and try to connect again.

Also, if you're using a vendor supplied wireless client manager, the connection instructions are somewhat different. See the vendor docs for how it's done.

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Jeff Liebermann

As some suggestions -

#1 - change the SSID from Linksys to something else - so you know it's yours #2 - add a password to the "admin" of the router - it's just for admin'ing the router #3 - as Jeff mentioned - turn on the encryption inside the router for wireless access

Any of your own "wireless" computers will have to add/define the encryption info for your WiFi network. All other "outside" wireless computers won't know the encryption info and therefore will not be able to connect to your WiFi - even if they can see it -

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