DSL vs Cable with router

BellSouth ADSL uses PPPoE for connecting. There will be a setting in the router for the type of connection. If you choose PPPoE, the router will have an area to input the username and password (generally the same as the main email account) such as snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net/MyPassword.

The Westell modem is also a router. If using the Linksys to assign DHCP addresses, the DHCP server in the router should be turned off. Also, the modem should be set to bridged mode since the router will be handling the connection (actually though, it will work even if the modem is not set to bridged mode).

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Jerry Park
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1) Tell her to unplug all LAN and WAN cables from the router

2) Tell her to press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds - this will reset everything back to factory defaults

3) Tell her to read the following manual / instructions ... ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pdf/befw11s4ug.pdf

also - here is the link to the product support pages ...

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I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless 802.11b router with 4 port 10/100 switch. It was working great here at my house but I upgraded to a G device and gave it to my daughter. I have Cable here and she has DSL through Bell South. I've heard there are some different setting for DSL but don't know how to tell my daughter to start. She lives in Atlanta and I'm in VA and it's been about a years since I've used the router. She can't get it to work even when connected with an Ethernet cable. I'm not real sure she's got it connected correctly but I am hoping. Can anyone shed any light on the problem?


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Daniel Carwile

If she has Bellsouth DSL then she more that likely has a Westell 2100 or

6100 modem that in its self is a modem/router. She need to gain access to it first, to set it up this will have to be through the ethernet port. Connect the Laptop or Desktop to the DSL Modem/Router the unit that Bellsouth. Then the PC needs to be set to "obtain the address automatically", this will get an address from the modem.

Now I a assuming here that this is a new install and she has never used the DSL yet. I would set the modem configuration up as it you were not going to us a wireless router at this time just to see that see can get online. If she open a browser and type in the address, that should give her access to the Modem Configuration. Set it up for PPPoE and put in her user login information.

userid: snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net password: whatever-her-password-is

Then do a save and restart, this should give her access to the network go out and try to hit

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Give this a try and the report back and then we can go up the chain and add the router to the picture.

Take the NOSPAM out it you want to get to my e-mail address. Or just reply back here.

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