wireess with PCI modem??

I have a computer connected to the internet with ADSL. I want to buy another computer for a different part of the house and would like to share the internet connection. Obviously I want to do it wireless... My computer has an internal PCI ADSL modem. I am not sure what I need to get to make this work.. Can a wireless router connect to an internal PCI modem? Do I need to get a new usb modem to replace the internal?

I would get 2 usb wireless NICs, one for each computer. It is the router that I am not sure about. All the web sites explaining how to set it up refer to usb modems. Mine is PCI, so I am unsure of how it will work..

Please advise. Thanks Rafi

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I'm not aware of ANY wireless router to which you can add a PCI modem. The simplest is to use your PC with the modem as an internet gateway.

You'd need to put a wireless card of some sort into each PC- USB would be fine. You don't need a wireless router, tho it'd be easier to do it with one.

Then, assuming both machine are running Windows XP or 2K (you don't mention), you simply need to set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), which is built into the OS. if not on XP/2K, you can buy proxy software such as Wingate which does the same thing.

That also won't fit very many routers. If you want to go this route then buy a router with builtin ADSL modem.

Thats fine.

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Mark McIntyre

Thanks. Yes I am using win2k and the new computer would be XP. There are so many ways to do this (i.e. access point, routers, cards with IPs set, etc..) that it gets confusing. Thanks for your help..

Mark Mc> >



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Simplest and most robust but possibly more costly way:

two wireless cards, one for each PC, and one wireless router with builtin ADSL modem. Abandon the PCI modem, you don't need it any more. This will more-or-less work 'out of the box'.

Cheapest way but requires mch with modem to be on all the time:

Two wireless cards, one for each PC, set up an 'ad hoc' wireless network between the two and use ICS to share the internet. This is trickier to set up - i always had problems setting up an ad-hoc wireless network.

Remember in either case to enable wireless security (WPA if possible,

128-bit WEP if all else fails), and to install personal firewalls and virus scanners on both machines.
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