Making to Wireless routers connect?


Its possible, is this your setup? dsl -> Wan port(DHCP on) ->Lan Port to Lan port(DHCP off).->Nic

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Not very likely as most routers can not be set for client mode.

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DLink Guru

Hi. Im not a newbie to networks, BUT a COMPLETELY newbie to WIRELESS networks... So here is my question:

The setup i Have now - Adsl connection -> Trendnet TEW-231BRP (wireless router) -> pc with DLink dwl-122.

This works fine.... BUT

Because of no driver-support for winXP64(wich i just installed) for the dlink, i would like to just use my second WLAN router (same as the other) to connect to my standard NIC on the computer .... I cant get this to work - shouldn't that be possible? And if so... How?

the setup i would like, was this:

dsl -> TEW-231BRP -> TEW-231BRP -> NIC in pc

Please forgive me my ignorance, but I cant see any reason, that this should not be an option?

Thanks in advance.


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That really sucks doesnt it?? Well - thanks for the reply!

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this is my setup now:

dsl -> Wan port (DHCP On)->Wireless (DHCP On)-> USB wireless device

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