connect 2 routers

Is it possible to connect two routers through the ethernet interface? If yes, is there any requirement? Thanx

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A cross over cable.

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Or go via a hub/switch if you have one

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Chris Kilian

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Of course, and others have given you the two obvious answers so perhaps you are asking something more complicated?

As long as the two routers (or any machines) are on the same Ethernet they are connected. So either of these will work:

1) Hub (simple multiport repeater) 2) Cross over cable -- direct connect cable (hubs are almost as cheap these days) 3) More expensive bridge or switch

What are you really trying to accomplish?

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Herb Martin

Actualy it is a very intresting thing to do. This way you can sneek into routing protocols about what they send out to neighbors. You only need a _hub_ and a program like Ethereal to sneek that traffic.

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Do you connection the two AUX ports together??\\

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