Can't connect to wireless network

I am using a wireless network in my apartment. There is no encryption or keys or any of that sort (I'm not very network savvy). It's an open network. I'm also picking up a network from my neighbor. I have a laptop in the living room which is hardwired with a LAN cable to the main hub and my computer is connected via an SMC 2662W USB adapter and works perfectly fine. However, another computer which has Windows XP SP1 can't connect. I succesfully installed the drivers for the adapter and it is recognizing both wireless networks, but won't let me connect whatsoever. I get a popup which says "One or more wireless network is available" and when I choose mine and check the box that says to go ahead and connect even though it is not secure, the popup just comes right back and I can't get to the internet. I can't connect to EITHER connection and I'm trying to figure this out. I am getting "excellent" signal strength from both connections. I want to connect to mine, but can someone help me out with this?

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You should really secure your network. Other people are most likely using it as well.

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Lucas Tam






Make sure that on the authentication tab under the wireless properties that "Use 802.1x authentication" is unchecked. Normally it just causes frequent discos but might try anyway.

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Make sure you do not have MAC filtering enabled or enter the MAC address of the one wireless card that is unable to access the network if MAC filtering is enabled.

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Doug Jamal
*Hello I am a new member to the WiFi Forum, I came here hoping someone

could help me with a problem. I have a laptop with wireless

capabilities ( Atheros 802.11b wireless card) that is picking up

numerous networks at my house but will not allow me to get on the

internet. A month ago I was able to get on the internet through any one

of these networks, now, even though I get a signal, I can't. The signal

performance the one I usually use says "Good", and shows speeds of up

to 11mbps, but I still can't get on. Can anyone help me with this


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Check and make sure that the IP address is as it should be and not

169.254.x.x If it is the latter, you have some kind of misconfiguration. Recheck your settings, make sure the drivers are up to date, reboot everything, i.e, cable/DSL modem ( if available), Router/AP and the pc.
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