Making wired IP camera "wireless"

I have a Netgear wireless router (WGR614). I also have wired "IP" camera which can connect to the network using a network cable. I would like to put the camera somwhere without having to run a cable from it to the router, which is on another floor. What is the best and/or most inexpensive way to get this camera on the wireless network so I can access it from my PC? An access point? Another wireless router?

The pricing for access points seems kind of strange. For example, at, my wireless router (WGR614) is $47.99 but the Netgear access point (WG602) is $59.99. It would seem to me that an access point is a simpler device, yet they are almost always more expensive than a router.

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Yeah, you need a bridge or client-mode AP, but you might look at cheap wireless cameras, they might be cheaper than the bridge, and will avoid cables and another power adapter...

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William P. N. Smith

A wireless bridge is probably what you need.

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