Want to Connect 2 routers

I want to connect 2 Wireless Networks with N class and will buy D-Link model: DIR-655 for ADSL, wired and wireless. Another floor need to be connect to this router for another set of PC and printer.

- Is DIR-655 will support my need?

- For another wireless, which model should be?

- How to config them?



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No...The D-Link only has four LAN ports, so you can't five computers.

No...My guess is their branded "Xtreme N" technology may work only with other D-Link products, so it may not work with you Linksys wireless cards.in your computers.

No...It is highly unlikely that any WiFi wireless will travel up 26 floors.

No...Your DSL modem cannot be set for bridging mode to allow the D- Link to act as a DHCP server.

No...Can't have your DSL modem 700 feet from the wireless access points.

Moot point. Your setup requires more than you budgeted for.

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Linksys? Where is it mentioned he has Linksys cards?

Huh? Did I miss something? 26 floors? Where is that mentioned in the original post?

Huh? Where is it mentioned what type of modem is used? How do you know it can't be set to bridging?

What?? 700feet?

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Correct...He didn't mention ANYTHING that I referred to.

The point is, he didn't say more specifically what he wanted to do so I made some assumptions for him.

Sorry, "No...The D-Link only has four LAN ports, so you can't five computers. " where I meant to say "you can't connect five computers".

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