WAP54G repeating WRT54G - Anyone had success?

I have spent the best part of the last 12 months trying to get a Linksys

WAP54G (v2.07) to repeat a Linksys WRT54G ( v3.03.1 ) with very limited


I have followed all the Linksys instructions, updated all drivers,

searched the web for possible answers but I still cannot get a reliable

repeat, especially when traffic is high.

The WRT54G works reliable and fast - talking to 4 wireless computers

and a WET54G. As soon as the WAP is brought into the network - the

whole thing slows down or stops completely. I have fiddled with the

channels, Fragmentation and RTS threshold. Nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else got this to work reliably? I have got to the point

where I am ready to throw the Linksys network out and get something


Any help to prove that this works would be great.

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