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There are many different ways to do it.. A bit more detail will be needed..

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I can use my 4 port router connect it to a wireless accespoint at one port and connect it to a hub or switch and get my cabled network safe for brake ins from people driving by for open accespoints... (if people are determent can they hack the best wireless security?)

My guess is go by wire for secure processes! Or???

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Sure, an AP connected to your router and a client or AP in bridge at the hub would work.

As for security, there is no such thing as "perfect security". I think a read an analogy once that if WPA increased security by a mile, then WEP

128-bit (well, actually 104 bit) increased security by only a couple feet. WEP 128-bit can be cracked by brute force after collecting a couple million packets (about half an hour of streaming video). Don't know what would be needed WPA /w Radius, but substantially more I suppose.

Way I see it, if someone was REALLY determined to get into my WLAN (they'd be bored to tears after doing so though), they'd come in through the router off the public side anyway. I'm using WPA (Radius) for the air, but perhaps the "best security" for my air is that I'm using 802.11a (5 Ghz) for WLAN traffic. Due to 802.11a's limited range (as compared to 802.11g/b's), a potential "intruder" would basically have to be sitting on my porch with a laptop. I'm not losing any sleep...



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