Wireless router with more than 4 LAN port?

Is there such a thing?
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Tony Hwang
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I don't know, but you could cascade a hub with the ports you need.. Zoot Tony Hwang a =E9crit :
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You can uplink from the router to a switch of any size you like
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most consumer boxes seem to stop at 4 - probably because they all use the same few chipsets and / or the common box sizes dont have enough space for more connectors.
cisco 18xx - 8p switch
work uses the 1801s as small site routers on MPLS where there is an ADSL WAN link - nice box, ISDN BRI built in for backup, and around $1000 list without wireless or various optional software.
the 28xx and 38xxs can take various switch modules, up to 36p
still only 10/100, with an optional GigE "uplink"
of course you didnt mention "cheap, home router"......
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Just buy an 8-port or larger switch and connect it to the router. Cheaper too.
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Mark McIntyre
I wouldn't worry about a wireless router with more than 4 lan ports.
use the lan ports for local use (short runs) to the local computers,
on one port put a good quality switch (8 - 16 ports) and connect the rest of the cat5 runs to it.
use a switch instead of a HUB because the switch is a 'smart hub' and remembers routes, etc.
this works great, forget the hub and use a switch.
Bob Smith Robert Smith Consulting
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Bob Smith

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