Can any wireless system reach neighbors house 300 feet away?

Hello all
I want to be able to use a laptop in my next door neighbors house, and
we live on a country road - our houses are around 300 feet apart. Is
there any reasonably priced (< $200-300) wireless system that would
let me do this? I've seen Netgear's 10X range systems in the shops,
but they don't say what kind of range they have, only that it is 10X
more than a normal 'range', whatever that is.
Any help appreciated!
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I'd suggest that first you DAGGS (do a google-groups search) on this. Much has already been communicated on such subjects, and a quick scan would tell you that the simple distance measure is quite meaningless. With 2.4GHz signals.
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When all the variables are taken into account, distance for 2.4ghz can be determined.
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I suggest 802.11n wireless access point for this job with clear line of sight and no trees or other obstacles between the two houses.
I think the best practice is doing site survey before real installation of any wireless projects.
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Ummm. read the fine print again... they don't absolutely say 10 times, they use the weasel words "up to 10x"... hey, even 1 foot more is up to..... :)
I know you asked for reasonably priced, but would you consider free? if that's not too cheap for you, check
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Peter Pan
Look at Pasadena Networks. They have a self contained 19db antenna with a 200mw Access Point w/POE. I've used them for similar situations with no problems. (Price = $176.50)
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You can do it if you can get line of sight from your neighbor's house to wherever you put the antenna.
The solution Ken suggested is a good, simple way to go. A self contained weatherproof unit has the radio and the antenna together so there is no cable loss. You just run an ethernet cable from your existing router to the AP/antenna which is mounted in a good line of sight position.
Well, you have to get power to the box also.
There are other solutions using standard home routers with reflectors or with high gain antennas and perhaps cables. May or may not be cheaper depending.
Ideally, you get a nice $60 SOHO router/AP, put a homemade reflector on it, (see earlier link in this thread) and stick it in a window upstair with a view to your neighbor's house. Then you sit on the porch or by a facing window in their house and pick it up.
The router in the window solution only works if you have such a window.
Also, using a stronger antenna/rig on your laptop can help on the client end, if the reflector is not quite enough.
Forget the 10X range promotional BS. The keys to range are in antenna placement and gain. If you buy a home router, you want reliable G with a removable antenna so you can upgrade it if needed. Netgear might be fine, I don't know. The Buffalo WHR-HP-54G is the favored router this year. Not much publicity, but it's quite popular. BestBuy has em. Or newegg.
If you explain your existing home network including gear, locations and views to your neighbor, it will be easier to make specific suggestions.
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